Urinating while standing

Is it permissible or not for a Muslim to pass urine while standing? Zaid says that it is permissible (when) on an elevated place.nnThe Ruling:nnTo pass urine while standing is Makruh (disapproved/abhorrent) and the manner of the Christians.nnRasoolullah ??? ???? ???? ???? said,nn?? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ?????nn?It is distasteful (and abhorrent), that a man should urinate while standing?nnBaz-zar reported this with merit of Sahih from Buraidah RadiAllahu anhu. Detailed research on this matter, with clarification of (all) misconceptions, hasnnbeen presented in my Fatwa.nn????? ?????? ? ?nnName of Book: Fatawa AfricanAuthor: Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza KhannTranslator: Muhammad Afthab Cassim Qadiri Razvi Noori

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