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What is the Sharai call for keeping a nickname (substitute, not short name)?

What is the call for nickname which is not bad, meaningless and not hurting anyone?
The prohibition is not about the use of nicknames in general, but specifically about bad names which hurt people’s feelings.
The best man after the Most Beloved Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi Wasallam was called “Abu Bakr”
The popular Sahaba was called “Abu Huraira”
Sayyiduna Uthmaan Bin Affaan, the 3rd Khaleefah was called “Zun-noorain”.
The owner of 2 lights (he married two of the Beloved Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi Wasallams daughters.)
So these are names called out with respect. They are not meant to insult or slander anyone.
So a nickname called out to insult someone or exposing a fault or defect is different.
And Allah knows best.
Khalifa-E-Huzoor Tajushshariah
Mufti Maqsood Akhtar Qadri Razvi Amjadi
Khadim Dar al-Ifta Ridawi Amjadi

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