Heera Islamic Group

I Want To Invest Some Money In This Company They Have Halal Product Like Gold, Textile, Water Etc
As Per Product They Are Giving Benefit (Gold 2.5%, Water 100% Like That ).
I Want Take In Gold 2.5 In Monthly Base So Please Suggest Me.
Is Company Ke Baare Me Mujhe Ilm Nahi.
Magar Mazkoorah Surat Jaayez Hai.
Waazeh Rahe Jahan Tak Meri Maloomat Thi Ke Ye Company Sona Bech Kar Phir Zyada Qeemat Me Udhaar Khareedti Hai Aur Wahi Raqam Har Maheene Ada Karti Hai.
Agar Yahi Surat Hai To Jawaaz Ka Hukm Hoga.
Agar Is Ke Ilawa Koi Scheme Hai To Us Scheme Ka Mujhe Ilm Nahi.
Khalifa E Huzoor Tajushshariah
Mufti Maqsood Akhtar Qadri
Khadim Dar Al-Ifta Ridawi Amjadi

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