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Agar Paanch (5) Ya Isse Kam Namazein Qaza Ho

Toh Unhein Kab Padhna Chahiye?
Jis Shakhs Ki Paanch (5) Ya Usse Kam Namazein Qaza Ho Woh Sahbe Tarteeb Hai.
Us Par Lazim Hai Ki Waqti Namaz Se Pehle Qaza Namazein Bittarteeb Padhe.
Agar Waqt Mein Gunjaish Hote Huwe Waqti Namaz Pehle Padhli, Toh Na Hui.
Is Masla Ki Mazeed Tafseel Bahare Shari’at Mein Dekhni Chahiye!

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