Hanafi & Shafa?i issues

Is the Muqtadi the adherent i.e. follower of the Imam, or is the Imam the adherent of the Muqtadi, and should a Hanafi Imam wait for a Shafa?i Muqtadi to complete Surah Fatiha or not?nnZaid says that he should wait.nnThe Ruling:nnIt is categorically impermissible for the Hanafi Imam after he has recited Surah Fatiha, to wait for any duration, thinking that it will allow his Shafa?i Muqtadi to complete his Surah Fatiha. If he does this he is regarded as being sinful, and the Namaz will be damaged and flawed.nnHe must complete it and then repeat that Namaz again, as for him to do so is Wajib, because it is Wajib to follow up with a Surah after reciting Surah Fatiha without giving a gap, and bynintentionally omitting this Wajib, he is liable for a sin, and the rectification of that Namaz by way of performing the Sajdah e Sahw will also not be sufficient, as this was not done in error, but it was done deliberately.nnHence, it is Wajib to repeat the Namaz.nnIt is in Raddul Muhtar;nnn??????? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ?? ??????? ????? ??? ????????? ??? ????????? ?????????n???? ?? ??????? ?????? ? ???????? ?????? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ????????nnnIf Surah Fatiha is recited again (i.e. twice) in the first or secondnRaka?at, Sajdah e Sahw is Wajib, because a Wajib, in other words, thenSurah (which must follow Surah Fatiha) has been delayed. It is mentioned likewise in Zakhira etc.nnSimilarly (i.e. the same applies), if he read most of it and then read it again, just as it is mentioned in Fatawa Zaheeriyah.nnIt is also mentioned in the same;nnn??? ????????? ????????? ?? ???? ????? ??? ??????? ??????? ??????nnn?This is because there was a Wajib in it, being the Surah, which was separated from its position, for an abnormal act has brought a gap between the Surah Fatiha and the Surah With the exception of this, (doing this) is to alter a command of the Shariah.nnRasoolullah ??? ???? ???? ???? says,nnn???? ??? ?????? ??? ?? ??nnn?The Imam is appointed only so that he may be followed? (And not so that the Imam may be compliant to the action of the Muqtadi)n??? ??? ??? ???????nnnFor in this, is to reverse the article (i.e. the stipulation of the Shariah) Zaid, who is saying that the Imam should wait (for the Shafa?i Muqtadi), is either an absolute Jaahil (ignorant) and is just saying what he has heard from someone of the Shafa?i Madhab, or from some Ghayr Muqallid (non-conformist), or he himself is a Ghayr Muqallid.nnName of Book: Fatawa AfricanAuthor: Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza KhannTranslator: Muhammad Afthab Cassim Qadiri Razvi Noori

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