I am lecturer in a college and I have some doubts but I want to correctly about one doubt.

It will be good if you increase my knowledge.nnIt’s forbidden to wear ladies/Girls dresses to gents and Boys / Gents dress to ladies but in the colleges.nnWe see lots of girls Wearing t-shirt & shirt as uniform.nnBut when we ask them it’s forbidden, that Time they say It is ladies tshirt And shirt.nnNow my question is whether ladies T-Shirt and shirt if it’s meant For them.nnJawab:nnAll type of clothing is allowed for women if the following conditions are met:nn1) The whole body of the woman must be concealed. Only the hands and feet (and according to some scholars, the face, (when there is no fear of Fitna) can be exposed.nn2) The garment of the female must not be so thin that her body can be visible.nn3) Her clothes must not be close-fitting and tight; rather they must be loose, as to avoid the figure and shape of the body being exposed and visible.nn4) Imitation of the opposite sex is also impermissible.nnSayyiduna Abd Allah ibn Abbas Radi Allahu Anhuma relates, that the Messenger of Allah SallAllahu Alaihi wasallam saidnn?Cursed are those men who imitate women and those women who imitate men.?nnBukharinnIf the clothes are made for women and fulfill the above conditions then they are permissible, if not they would be impermissible.nnAllah Almighty knows best.nn??????????????nKhalifa-E-Huzoor TajushshariahnMufti Maqsood Akhtar Qadri Razvi AmjadinKhadim Dar al-Ifta Ridawi Amjadin??????????????

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