What Is Fard-E-Etiqaadi?

Fard-E-Etiqaadi (Explicit Obligatory Act): Refers To A Command Of Shariah Which Is Proven By The Distinct Evidence Of Shariah (In Other Words By Such Proof That Is Beyond Any Doubt). According To Hanafi Scholars, One Who Denies This Is An Absolute Infidel.

There Is Ijma (Consensus Of The Learned Muslim Scholars) That The One Who Denies Any Fard-E-Etiqaadi, The Ruling Regarding Which Is Commonly Known And Obvious As To Be Related Directly To An Issue Of Obligation In Religion Then Such A Person Is Not Only Himself An Infidel But One Who Doubts The Infidelity About Such A Denier, Is Himself Regarded As An Infidel.

Nonetheless, One Who Deliberately Leaves Out Even Once, Any Fard-E-Etiqaadi Such As Namaz, Ruku, Sujood Without A Valid Reason Permitted By Shariah Is A Faasiq (A Transgressor), Guilty Of Having Committed A Major Sin And Is Deserving Of The Torment Of Hellfire.

Bahare shariyat.

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